Raw Food Fast, Day 7 

Today is the one week mark for my raw food fasting. I am thoroughly enjoying it, too. I’ve made a lot of great meals (and more coming soon!), and I’ve experienced negative and positive effects. Let’s get the negative out of the way. But first, I’d like to say that these “negative” effects are necessary to detox. They play a very important role in the detoxing of our body. These symptoms are our body purging itself of all the toxicity we’ve accumulated:

I have been fortunate, because the negative effects I’ve experienced have not been that bad: Slight headaches, intense hunger pains, slight fatigue, cravings, itchy throat, and break outs. This was all around day 2 and 3.

This did not last long, at all. And as I stated, this step was needed. My body is cleansing itself. Now, onto the positive:

I have SO much energy, I concentrate better, I never feel weighed down or sluggish, I sleep better, my moods are better, my skin feels softer (and is clearing back up)…. I feel amazing.

I wish I could go completely raw forever, but raw food fasting on occasion will have to suffice until I’m able to do that.

Any questions, concerns, tips, or tricks, hit the ask box! Thank you :)

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