Finally Found My Calling (NPO)

I’ve been pretty depressed about the fact that I had not yet figured out what I wanted to do with my life, career-wise. The other day, I was reflecting on all of the racial bullying and other forms I was victim of when I was growing up (grades K-10). This led to all sorts of self-esteem issues that followed me into adulthood. 

While pondering this, I was thinking about how when people ask me what I enjoy doing, I always say, “Helping people.” 

And then it clicked. I can keep other people from feeling the way I did. I can give children and teens someone and somewhere to turn to. So now, I want to start a non-profit organization that teaches social responsibility, combats bullying, builds self-esteem, and teaches tolerance and acceptance of cultural, religious, racial, sexual orientation, and any other differences. There is much more, but I’m trying to keep this short, lol.  

If this succeeds, there is MUCH more that I want my NPO to become. I already know in my mind what I want it to grow into. The vision is there… I have never been so excited, scared, anxious, happy, amazed, and sure in my life.

This IS what I want to do. I have to do this.

So, any ideas, tips, suggestions, or helpful info is appreciated. I may be contacted here, or at:

Or, catch me on twitter @MentalOrgasm

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