As unusual weather has wreaked havoc from Texas to Mexico and beyond, food prices are expected to soar as supplies of food drop. Protests that have recently taken place in Egypt, other African nations and elsewhere were motivated, at least in part, by high food prices.

We will not escape food inflation in North America. Prices on such things as sugar and cereals have risen quite a bit in the last few months, and fruit and vegetables will do the same with freezing temperatures ruining crops.

As I write this, oil prices are rising dramatically, which of course will affect food prices.

There are ways to beat the high cost of food, which is the purpose of this lens. Many people are already struggling to make ends meet, and storing and stockpiling food has become urgent . Rising fuel prices in the months ahead will only add to the urgency.

This lens isn’t about fear, but being informed, and doing what we can to protect ourselves from high food prices. Being aware and pro active is important.

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